Sunday, October 14, 2007

About Time, Huh?

I decided that I don't really need to wait until I have pictures to post. I do intend to get some pictures on here before too much longer, though. I've been swamped with homework this term and will be glad to see the end this Saturday. Unfortunately my next term starts up the next Monday, so no break, but at least it will be new classes. I will be taking Accounting II (managerial) and an English class (World Literature). This will be my last English class forever! Yahoo! The kids are all enjoying school here. In fact, they all brought home progress reports on Friday. Their teachers all say that they're doing well and to keep up the good work. The only "negative" comments were that the kids should participate verbally in class more often. Surprise, surprise! Dade is going for a second interview with Schwan's tomorrow. We're hoping this job works out. He thinks it's something he could really enjoy. Meanwhile he's getting signed up for online school again, to start in January. He's going for an associate's degree in computers. He can have that degree in about a year and then be qualified for some pretty high paying jobs. He is now serving as 1st counselor in the Elders' Quorum, and I'm the Primary pianist. We're enjoying being here in the Dover Branch. Hopefully we can be useful. The Primary president passed out parts for the CSMP today, and it was kind of funny to watch her rifle through and come up with six papers just for us. We are having fun, and hopefully soon we'll even have money to live on!