Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Off to a Good Start

So far, so good! We are in the middle of our third day of homeschool, and it's going well. The kids are actually learning things and staying on track. I'm discovering improvements I want to make for the second week already, like schedule adjustments, etc. We have a snack and recess for 15 minutes in the middle of school, which helps to break it up. Chores are getting done in the morning before we start, which is really nice because then we have a relatively clean house when we're done. Showers and bedtime are happening, another plus! The kids have a personal accomplishment chart where they have to complete certain things every day and earn star stickers for each item. At the end of the week, if they haven't missed more than two stars, they get a reward. This whole system is helping me be much more organized in life, too, which is something I've needed.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Adam's Birthday

It's been a while since we celebrated Adam's birthday, but I'm just getting around to publishing pictures from this summer. Adam decided to have a birthday breakfast this year, since Dad isn't around in the evenings. He just couldn't wait until the weekend, so we got up early and had cinnamon rolls, eggs, and juice. It was fun! It's hard to believe that Adam now has one last year in Primary, and then he will become a deacon like his brothers.

Peaks-Kenny Camping Trip

We had a great time camping this summer. We got a couple days of the best weather we've had so far. The setting was perfect. I remember camping there as a kid several times, and it was always enjoyable. From a parent's perspective, though, it was almost better. It was fun to watch the kids enjoy themselves and do things that we don't get to do at home, like set up tents and build fires. They also got some swimming in, and even hiked one of the trails with Dad the second day. These pictures are of everyone waiting for breakfast to be ready. Sausages were Dad's domain, and I cooked the pancakes afterwards--yum!

Jessica's Birthday

Luckily we were able to have Jessica's birthday meal outside after having seemingly nonstop rain for the past few weeks. We celebrated on Sunday, the 10th, because she was going to be at girls' camp on the actual day.
Gram and the Elders joined us for the celebration. Jessica chose tacos for the meal with cherry cheesecake (the genuine baked kind) for dessert. Elder Kempton and Elder Kelsey thoroughly enjoyed themselves--they both LOVE Mexican food and get excited when we serve it. Elder Kelsey told us that he always has cheesecake on his birthday, and it's his favorite dessert. When he started eating it, he said, "Is anyone else in heaven like I am right now?"

Our oldest child is now eligible to go to dances! That is a scary thought. She gets to have her Aunt Chelle for a YW President, so she has a ball at all the various activities they have. She has some really good friends among the YW in our branch, which is nice. Now that she's homeschooling, she will depend on them more than ever. I'm excited for her to make some new friends throughout the stake as well.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Picture Tag

Okay, it's my turn. If you haven't done this yet on your own blog, just google each of these with your own info and choose your favorite option on the first page of images. Here goes:

my age

my favorite color

my favorite vacation spot (just a few miles from home)

where I live

where I grew up

where I'd like to travel (the Netherlands)

my favorite food (nothing beats a Philly Cheesesteak!)

my favorite treat

my favorite animal

a past love

my first name

my middle name

my last name

a bad habit

my first job (a convenience store)

college degree

what I'm doing right now