Monday, March 30, 2009

11 Steps to David's Easy Toast

We have a daily writing prompt each morning in homeschool. One day last week was national toast day, and the kids each had to write instructions for making toast. This was David's.

1. Take a piece of bread.

2. Put it in the toaster.

3. Set it to whatever frickin' setting you feel like.

4. Pull little lever thingy.

5. When it pops up and you hear someone say, "Who's toast is done?", immediately spread butter or peanut butter or cleanut schnutter or phleanut glutter on it.

6. Wait 60 sec. and put on schninnamony shtugary.

7. Chomp.

8. Tell Mom you're hungry still.

9. Ask for whatever is in the fridge, pantry, or bake center.

10. Wait for her to say no.

11. Sulk.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Someone apparently left the lotion where Ethan could reach it and this was the result. He was proud of himself for rubbing it in so well.

The Many Outfits of Thomas Part I

Thomas has lots of clothes (thank you to all who have given them to him!), and I figured that since he won't get to wear any one thing very long, I'd better capture them on camera to prove that he actually wore them. Here are a few for starters: